Terminal Components - Plans and pricing

GPL Enterprise
License Type Copyleft Perpetual
Restrictions? Requires that you also place your code under the GPL Unlimited development, testing and deployment for a single named product
Supported? No Yes, included in purchase
Source Code Includes Source Code Includes Source Code
Versions 2.x 2.x
With Standard Support N/A
Standard Renewal N/A

Licensing FAQ

Do your licenses expire?

No. All of our commercial licenses are perpetual and will work with any version of the product released within a year of the license issue date.

What is Priority Support?

Customers with Priority support are placed at the top of our incoming support queues. We also provide support for source code changes and provide custom patches / builds to customers that require a specific version of the product with a bug fix introduced in a later version.

Can I buy a license without support?

No, all of our commercial packages combine a commercial license with unlimited email support. We do not sell any product without a support & maintenance package.

Whats the difference between the Open Source and Commercial versions?

The open source version of the Maverick Legacy Client is a branch of the 1.4.x commercial API that contains our SSH2 client implementation. The two products are treated as separate products and have separate SCM. We provide regular updates containing enhancements and bug fixes to our commercial user base. The open source version receives updates periodically, mainly these are community driven.