Terminal Components

The Terminal Components are highly configurable, protocol-independent implementations of a standard ANSI/VT terminal. We've designed the component to ensure the lowest possible distribution size, along with AWT and Swing distributions for environments where compatibility with lesser JDKs is paramount.

These components have been specifically designed for direct integration within third party applications and support all versions of the Java Development Kit™ from v1.1 onwards. Our components are provided with example code to get your prototype system up and running within minutes. The component is protocol-independent and supports Telnet, rlogin, rcommand, rexec as standard, with SSH1, SSH2 plug-ins also available when combined with the Maverick Legacy API.

With the needs of OEM developers in mind, we've created a component that provides to the developer the most configurable terminal available today. We have ensured that the majority of the terminal's interface is configurable, meaning you can add/remove functionality with ease to suit your project's specific requirements.

These terminal components support a wide range of transport protocols as standard. The abstract design means that the development of additional protocol plug-ins is as simple as possible.

Terminal Components is a cross platform 100% Java™ based API.

Emulation: Supports VT100. VT220, VT320 and ANSI
Transports: Telnet, rcommand, rlogin, rexec, SSH or build your own.
Frameworks: AWT, Swing, SWT, HTML and JQuery
Features: Virtual terminal framework with tabbed sessions, charset conversion, XML based profile for connection persistence.

1. Download the API or use Maven Repository and Dependencies:



2. Start coding...

SwingVirtualSessionManager terminal 
          = new SwingVirtualSessionManager();
SwingVirtualTerminal vt1 = new SwingVirtualTerminal();
         new SwingScrollBar(),
		 BorderLayout.EAST, 0);

Our Terminal Components API is released under the General Public License (GPL) for developers to use freely in their open source applications. A commercial license is also available for developers that cannot comply with the requirements of the GPL. The commercial license includes priority updates and unlimited email access to our developers.

GPLv3 License (without support)

The use of this license mandates that you must also license any code you create under the same licensing agreement.

Commerial License (with support)

Our commercial products are licensed on a per-product basis. This means that you may use the license for the development of one named product only, with additional products requiring a separate license. All of our product licenses are perpetual, non-exclusive and royalty-free and where applicable come with a one-year standard support contract.