Java SSH Server

Maverick Legacy Server is a server-side Java™ component that enables developers to quickly integrate an SSH/SFTP server into their own application. The component is designed specifically for intensive, server-side applications and is built to take advantage of the optimized NIO classes provided by the Java Development Kit.

Maverick Legacy Server delivers maximum possible performance for your heterogeneous security solutions and has been integrated into a wide range of finance, military and business solutions.

The Maverick Legacy Server API is fully extensible. As a developer, you are able to plug-in your own authentication processes, control your application's threading requirements and create custom file systems for access via SFTP. This level of configuration is exclusive to our SSHD, no other solution offers the same degree of control over resources and the opportunity for easy expansion.

Why should I purchase?

With all security related products it's important that you keep your software up-to-date and inline with current specifications. Over time security products can become vulnerable to new exploits. To combat this new or stronger cryptography algorithms are introduced; leaving the older algorithms as well as your software more vulnerable and open to attack.

With our commercial licenses you get our SSH expertise at your fingertips. When specifications change or new vulnerabilities are found we are able advise our customers on the best strategy to mitigate the risks and provide product updates within hours.

What do I get?

Our commercial licenses include 12 months support & maintenance as standard. Giving you get the benefit of quick turn around bug fixes, new features, stronger cryptography and unlimited support enquires with an SSH specialist ready to answer your questions.

Maverick Legacy Server is a cross platform 100% Java™ based API.

Protocols: SSH2
Authentication: Password
Public key
Keyboard Interactive authentication
Ciphers: 3DES
Stateful decryption counter mode cipher for AES & 3DES
HMacs: SHA1
Support for Encrypt-then-Mac
Key Exchange: diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1
Public Keys: RSA
File Transfer: SFTP v4
SSH Features: Port forwarding
X forwarding
Other Features: Virtual File System
Plug-in Authentication
Plugin File Systems

1. Download the API or use Maven Repository and Dependencies:



2. Register for an evaluation license.

3. Start coding...

public class MySSHD extends Daemon {

   protected void configure(DaemonContext context) 
        throws SshException, IOException {
      SshContext sshContext = new SshContext(this);

	  try {
		   new File("ssh_host_rsa_key"),
		   SshKeyPairGenerator.SSH2_RSA, 2048);

	  } catch (InvalidPassphraseException e) {
		throw new SshException(e);

	  // Listen on multiple ports (on all interfaces)
	public static void main(String[] args)
	    throws Exception {
	    MySSHD sshd = new MySSHD();

Maverick Legacy Server is only currently available under a commercial licensing agreement. You may evaluate the software for a period of up to forty-five days, after which you must purchase the relevant commercial license or remove all copies of the software from your systems.

Our products are licensed on a per-product basis. This means that you may use the license for the development of one named product only, with additional products requiring a separate license. All of our product licenses are perpetual, non-exclusive and royalty-free and where applicable come with a one-year standard support contract.

The API is now under Long Term Support (LTS) and will continue to be commercially supported for the forseeable future. There are 2 separate branches of the software:


This is branch is only available to commercial customers and whilst still maintained it is not receiving new features, only security updates and critical bug fixes. This version will reach End of Life (EOL) on 31st January 2018.


This is our stable, production ready branch and will now only receive security updates and bug fixes for the duration of its lifetime. It is recommended that all customers upgrade to the latest release on this branch as soon as possible. This version will reach EOL on 31st December 2019.


This is the development branch of 1.6.x that will receive new features, security updates and bug fixes. It is backwards compatible with 1.6.x with the exception of deprecated APIs that have been removed and with the minimum Java version raised to 1.7. This branch is currently only available to customers. The public release date of this branch will be published in due course.

How can I get support?

Our developers provide direct support to our customers so to ensure everyone receives the best response possible, support is strictly provided through email only.

Before raising a support issue, please first visit our Helpdesk for up-to-date product documentation, known issues and FAQs.

If you then require further assistance, please email our team to create a support ticket.