Maverick NG

Our Next Generation API, Maverick NG now available for public review.

Built upon the NIO framework that was used in our Maverick Legacy Server API, Maverick NG now provides a unified API that enables both client and server connections using non-blocking sockets.

You may register for a 3 month extended evaluation and download the API. Please direct any queries, feedback or suggestions you have to our support channel by emailing us at

Client API

The client API now utilises the same SSH engine as the server providing a substantial benefit for scalable client operations. For an overview of using the new client take a look at our Working with the Client API article.

Server API

The the server API will be familar to existing users with one notable change. The SshContext becomes the SshServerContext and we now require a factory instance to create a context for each new connection, making it possible to configure all server options based on incoming IP, interface or port.


I'm already a customer. Will I be entitled to upgrade to Maverick NG when its released?
Customers with valid support agreements will be entitled to switch to the new API at no further cost however support for the Legacy API will only be available for a crossover period of 3 months. If you require support for both Legacy and NG APIs concurrently after this period an additional support agreement will need to be purchased. This will still represent a significant saving on the cost of a new NG license.

When will a stable, production ready version be released?
The API will be in public review until the end of January 2017. At the end of this process we will either extend the review process or announce a release date.

Will you still support the Legacy API after the NG version is released?
Yes, we have many customers that will be using the Legacy APIs in production for years to come. We expect to support the Legacy APIs until at least end of December 2019.

With the introduction of Maverick NG we are implementing a new license system which provides more flexibility and choices for our customers. Whilst prices and terms will be published at a later date, you can expect the following new licensing options.

  • One license that enables use of both client and server APIs
  • Multiple year support plans
  • Maintenance only plans
  • Perpetual and Subscription licensing models