Our Service

Through our support services we aim to be just another member of your team. Whilst we strive to provide the most stable products we can there are always a number of reasons why you might need help from our support team.

Support Terms

All of our product support is strictly email based only. This benefits both parties as all information is logged in our ticketing system. More importantly due to the technical nature of the products its often the case we will need to trawl through logs, debug and review code which is simply not compatible with someone waiting on the end of the phone.

Open Source

We strive to provide support to the open source community where we can. Questions should be directed to a community based service such as Stack Overflow or SourceForge. This way the community itself gets a chance to answer as well as benefit from any response we or another party provides.

Standard Support

Support is available throughout our office opening hours which are from 9AM through to 6PM GMT.

As long as you have an active support subscription you can submit as many email enquires as you need.

We aim to respond to all enquires within 24hrs of receipt with a constructive answer or request for further information.

Priority Support

In addition to the Standard Support terms, our Priority Support customers are provided with a separate email address for priority submission which is monitored until 11PM GMT, 7 days a week.

We provide support for source code changes and will provide patches to specific versions when you need that recent fix but your QA team do not have the time to test a new version of our API.