Product Spotlight

Nervepoint Technologies

The Challenge

Nervepoint Technologies wanted to provide a premium level support service to enable their support engineers to remotely and securely access customer systems and provide on-premise support remotely. They wanted their support engineers to have full access to the software appliance file system, database and even JVM runtime information to montior thread and memory usage of their application.

Deployed as a virtual software appliance inside customers LAN or DMZ it was essential that their solution was able to provide support access with zero firewall configuration.

An additional requirement was to create a connector for their identity management product that could connect to *nix based systems and provide user enrollment and management.

The Solution

With a cloud-based server based on the Maverick SSHD, Nervepoint Technologies created a platform for remote appliances to connect back to the central support server whenever a customer required support. Using J2SSH Maverick to perform the outgoing connection they could then open a series of remote port forwarding tunnels that allowed TCP access back to the remote appliance.

The tunnels were connected to another Maverick SSHD implementation on the remote appliance that was running inside their own applications JVM. The ability to embed an SSH server directly into their own Java ™ code-base was an essential part of the final solution. The Maverick SSHD server allowed Nervepoint Technologies developers to create a custom shell experiance and to create commands that could be executed on the remote system, providing them with the statistics of the JVM, direct access to their database and file system.

The APIs were also used to create an SSH based connector to *nix systems. Allowing the Access Manager solution to manage accounts remotely and provide the ability to reset users password as part of their Password Self-Service solution.

The Results

The Maverick Legacy APIs became an essential part of the solution architecture and a critical component in many of Nervepoint Technologies products. Creating the support tool resulted in support engineers being given an unpreceidented level of access to the software appliance which resulted in faster support response and resolution times.