About Us

We have been the leading provider of secure, enterprise grade Java SSH APIs for over a decade. Now operated as a brand under Hypersocket Software we still actively maintain and support our APIs; keeping them up-to-date with the latest security practices and current specifications.

In 2002 our founder Lee David Painter developed J2SSH the original open source SSH API. The projects success lead to the foundation of 3SP Ltd and the development of a second generation commercial API and the birth of another open source product called SSL-Explorer, a browser based SSL VPN. 3SP Ltd was acquired in 2008 by Barrracuda Networks for the SSL-Explorer technology and SSHTOOLS Limited was incorporated to continue development and support of the SSH API products under the original management and ownership.

In April 2015, SSHTOOLS Limited merged its operations with Hypersocket Software Limited a new company under the stewardship of Lee David Painter. SSHTOOLS and the domain sshtools.com continues to be operated as a separate brand by Hypersocket Software.


Having recently open sourced the second generation API under the LGPL, the team are now working towards a third generation unified API built around NIO called Maverick NG. The team are also involved in commercial projects on behalf of clients and have founded a new open source project the Hypersocket Framework which has already spawned a number of new products under Hypersocket Software brand.

Brett Smith

Chief Software Architect

Brett is responsible for leading development and with over 15 years experience in IT security he has as a formidable set of skills which have enabled him to deliver cutting edge solutions both commercially and through the open source community.

Prior to Hypersocket Software, Brett was Chief Software Architect of 3SP Ltd, part of the core team that developed and launched SSL-Explorer, the first browser-based open source SSL VPN.

Lee David Painter

Founder and Chief Executive

@LeeDavidPainter has extensive experience in network security, developing our client and server APIs as well as being the architect and founder of open source projects such as SSL-Explorer and more recently the Hypersocket Framework.

Lee combines an executive role with technical architect ensuring that our products are tightly focused on the needs of our customers. His passion for customer support is what drives our first class service with the result that you feel our team is a part of yours.

Majid Latif

Chief Operations Officer

Majid Latif holds comprehensive insight into the organization’s strategic imperatives, design and technological culture. He oversees the business structure and operations ensuring that the production, product development and daily user experiences are effortless.

Majid previously worked for Barracuda Networks and has over 15 years of extensive experience in IT.